Ballet Shoes


Sometimes life won’t let you fall

A Whitlow Productions Short Film

Rincón International Film Festival Excellence Award Cleveland International Film Festival – Official Selection

About the Film

Bridge is a pitch black comedy that examines failure and fate. An aging dancer at the end of her rope decides to cut her time short, but her plans are disrupted by a disturbing turn of events. A strange vagrant and a mysterious photograph bring her face-to-face with her choices.

Director Danny Dwyer on Bridge

A man who has nothing becomes God-like, controlling fate, and creating his own version of purgatory. I used the metaphor of a drawbridge to physically manifest the moment when a person is balancing between life and death. When the bridge is up it creates a new perspective that represents detachment from reality. As it descends back into place we return to where we left off, only this time with a second chance. The victim leaves believing that everything happens for a reason. Destiny brought them to this place, and there must be something else to live for. I wanted to create something so heartfelt that you almost miss the absurdity of this disheveled man conning someone out of suicide.


Running Time 13:53
Year of Production 2014
Country of Production USA

Screenings & Honors

  • Cleveland International Film Festival

    Best Ohio Short: Honorable Mention

    Honored in Audience Choice Shorts

  • Rincón International Film Festival

    Excellence Award

Full Credits

Executive Producers
Danny Dwyer & Callie Peck
Supervising Producer
Jason Curtis
Associate Producer
Matt Schlichter
Assistant Director
Christine Ryan
Director of Photography
Frank Sun
Assistant Camera
Fer Santa Cruz
Art Director
Elaine Chung
Set Dressers
Anna Bridgforth
Alexandra Peck
Key Set PA
Justin Clemons
Construction Coordinator
Tim Larson
Set Designers
Nathaniel Catanio
Burke Heffner
Swing Gang
Paul Danaher
Keith Coney
Eduardo Hilzinger
Tim Hayes
Devon Hirth
Konstantin Yellsevich
Key Grip
Josh Brede
Pulley Grips
Shlomo Lipetz
Max Wolf
Brett Rapkin
Mike Pistorio
Key Make-Up Artist
Jeni Ahlfeld
On set Photographer
Ben Trivett
Sound Recordist
James Petty
Sound Designer
Chris Davis
Sound Mixer
Chris Davis
Craft Services By
Kitten & Tarbash

Special Thanks to

Martin Flores, Christina Power, Adam Hussein, Jennie Fiske, Sarah Pencheff, Rachel Schenk, Nico Lyons, Matthew Z. Kessler, Rebecca Baron, Danielle Geist, Natalya Krimgold, Shelly Watson Hild, Mara Lalli, Kayla Vanderbilt, Tim Murphy, Brian Moran, Adrian Buckmaster, Julie Snyder, Tessa Lee, Lucy Santiago