Brian Mendes began his career in Chicago by playing Preston Farrington in the Paramount Picture’s television series The Untouchables. Now located in New York, he has performed with Richard Maxwell and the NYC Players in Henry the IV, Joe, The End of Reality, Ode to the Man Who Kneels, The Frame, The Darkness of this Reading, Das Maedchen, Open Rehearsal and Isolde and he directed People Without History. He also played Yank in the Wooster Group’s production, Early Plays. He has performed with Adam Rapp (Animals and Plants and Through the Yellow Hour) and Annie Baker (The Last of the Little Hours at Sundance Theater Labs). Brian has performed internationally in Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Iceand, Belgium and most recently with Gekidan Kaitaisha in Tokyo, Japan. He has been in the films of Mary Billyou, Redmond Entwistle, and Danny Dwyer. He studied theater at the Abbey Theater in Dublin, Ireland.